Hi! It’s me, Ben, from the online. Welcome to my project site, on the online.

I’m a software engineer and game developer who’s got at least a little bit of hands-on experience with everything from Z80 assembly to web dev.

I like game design, drawing, writing, bad jokes, and perhaps most of all, my cat. :^)

If you’ve got any questions for me, feel free to send me an email at ben@benfromthe.online.

No Hells, No Heavens

no hells no heavens screenshot

No Hells, No Heavens is an in-development browser-based action-RPG, using Hercules and roBrowser as a base.

Start as one of six distinct character classes and fight your way through hordes of ferocious monsters in search of cool loot! Augment your equipment with various enhancements using NHNH’s unique item enchantment system, and see if you can overcome all of the challenges that come before you!

As your character grows stronger, you gain the opportunity to continue on your chosen path and hone your current abilities, or branch out and pick a second (and eventually even a third!) character class to gain access to new skills! A melee mage-knight? An archer who wields magic of both healing and destruction? A guy who can just take a punch really well? The possibilities are literally limitless 216!

NHNH is still in early development, but please feel free to give it a try!

Public Testing Server
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quickrpg screenshot

QuickRPG is an RPG that gives you all the fun and excitement of a more traditional RPG, but without all the time you spend wasting on things like “character creation” and “gameplay”.

With a simple request to the QuickRPG bot, you can experience the trials and tribulations of your very own character instantly! Laugh, cry, and try not to fall out of your seat in excitement as you read through your automatically generated character’s story as they seek to avenge their automatically generated family!

Will they succeed in their quest? Will they fall in battle to a particularly vicious Slime? Find out the answers Quickly, then be free to return to your busy life!

QuickRPG on Twitter
Engine Source
Bot Source
Sample Logs: Simple    Verbose

PICO-8 Minigames

PICO-8 is a self-contained Lua game development environment for an imaginary game console named the PICO-8. It’s very versatile, but comes with very harsh, self-imposed limits. These constraints make for a very fun and challenging development experience, and forces you to keep your scope in check.

bones screenshot

Bones is a fast-paced top-down arcade shooter. Take hold of your trusty longbow and see how long you can survive against waves of the undead!

kiwi screenshot

Kiwi HD is the long-awaited remaster of the first game I ever made.

Kiwi Classic was a high-octane precision platformer, requiring intense concentration and quick reflexes; Kiwi HD brings back the gameplay that tens of fans around the world fell in love with, along with a new original soundtrack, and beautifully reimagined, stunning 128x128 16-color graphics!

tf2t screenshot

Text Fighter 2 Turbo is an experiment to see how the fighting game genre would fare with turn-based action as opposed to real-time.

Punch! Kick! Do a cool special move! Utilitize “yomi”, the Japanese technique of reading the mind of your opponent to out-wit and out-skill your barebones AI enemy!

Hunter the Hedgehog

hunter screenshot

Hunter the Hedgehog: Trouble on Treasure Island! is a game I made in 72 hours for TAGJam 13.

Join Hunter in his adventure on Treasure Island in search of treasure, and maybe even some trouble!

And before you ask any questions about the game’s… aesthetic, please know that the theme was “second-rate”. :^)

Play Here!


radial screenshot

Radial is a simple arcade shoot-em-up, made in about a week for a game jam.

Protect your planet against the incoming waves of aliens and aim for the high score!

Play Here!

Angelus Errare

angelus errare screenshot

Angelus Errare is a action adventure game with an emphasis on exploration, inspired by games like Metroid and Momodora.

Four elemental beasts were once sealed away in a hallowed sanctuary by an angelic warrior, but have once again returned to the world; guide The Heroine through the labyrinthine caverns of Mt. Emanon, discover new powers and abilities, and defeat the beasts before they can regain their full strength!

Angelus Errare is still in early development, but an early testing build is available if you’d like to try it out!

Test Build

Can Love Bloom on the Battlefield?

clbotb screenshot

Can Love Bloom on the Battlefield? is the newest (only??) entry in the esteemed and illustrious “Trading Card Game Themed Visual Novel” genre, only available on the Nintendo™ Game Boy!

Riley is sleeving up their deck for a big upcoming tournament; play through a branching story and guide Riley on the path to glorious victory, crushing defeat, or possibly even… love!?

CLBOTB is currently in development! Writing the script for even a short visual novel like this one is way harder than I thought it would be. :^)